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Epiphone ID?


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Hi, I am getting frustrated trying to find out what Epiphone my wife just picked up.


It looks like an SG, but it has 2 tone knobs, and 2 volume knobs.


It also has:

3 way selector switch

fixed bridge

2 humbucker pickups

dot fret markers

neck-thru body

transparent burgundy


Serial number is: S9200593

The Serial number decoder that everyone links to doesn't find it.


I can post pics tomorrow if that will help.


The strangest thing about it is the truss cover says "Gibson" on it. So I don't know if the original one was lost, or if it is supposed to say that.

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I don't know about being specific to that year' date=' but definitely to that era..




And that is the 1998 catalogue...which, as I suspected, means that the serial number is indicating that the guitar was made on May 20, 1999.

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I have been kinda of reluctant to post on this but after a week and a 1/2 of looking ](*,) i figure its time to ask some one who hopefully knows more then me.


Well now that one mystery has been solved i feel i must ask one of myself. I have been looking at this Epi Les Pual and for the life of me i cant id it. I spoke with the seller and was told all the hardware is original. Has there ever been a model of this color that came with all black hardware? The stock # is I01021247 and the info that brings up is. The seller told me it was a Limited and could not really provide more info then that an thats why i started to look around for more information. I am going to look at it in person tomorrow (hopefully).


Guitar Info

Your guitar was made at the

Saein Plant, Korea/China

February 2001

Production Number: 1247


sorry picks are pore but its all i got.




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