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I do not think I have ever posted my pics of my rather modest collection because they were scattered all over different parts of the house. Last week my son commandeered the recroom since he wanted to move down there, so we had another extra larger room that I could snag to consolidate everything. Here she blows!!!












Probably the most noteworthy are the 64 Strat and the 61 (beat up) Gibson les Paul. The Super Reverb is a one owner super minty 1966 (I have th original bill to prove it!) lol.


Cheers and beers!



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My apologies - I was away in France and had the camera still set to a fairly high resolution. Hopefully these are better sized - I notice the quality is awful. I will have to play with the camera settings to take some decent pics......


Yes - the Super is a one owner 1966. I bought it new in 1966. The bassman is one I picked up along the way. The 64 strat and the 61 Les Paul I have had for like 35 years. The Epi's and others are much more recent acquisitions. Strangely enough - the Joe Pass is the one I use the most, although I love the Sheratons. FWIW, I highly recommend the Space Echo as a fun echo/reverb to play with.


Just by the by, in past I noticed a few discussions on refinishing. Here is a doc I did (in MSWord) on how I refinished the (then) trashed stratocaster - it was my first refinishing attempt, so be gentle. It may be of interest.


The Stratocaster



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Here is my meager collection.


1985 MIJ '62 Reissue Strat (bought in '88)

2008 Epi Les Paul Ultra 2 (somehow I can not get a pic that shows the real warmth of the finish)




And my "Made In Canada, eh" Seagull C6 with a built in pickup. (I need a better pic)

It has a couple of small dings, but it's 12 years old, and gets played regularly.

It has also survived quite a number of parties, and camping trips.

The finish is satin, and never did shine. But I think this contributes to the amazing sound of the guitar.




Not yet ready for pictures. The project Tele. I was out of town for a couple of weeks, so

it's still not finished. [-(

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Cookieman' date=' is that a Classic Series 50's Strat on the right? I have a surf green one that I scored off Craig's List for $87. The silly kid that sold it to me didn't think it was worth much. He wanted $100, but I talked him down to $87. I'm not paying $100 for a used guitar that has scratches on it. LOL![/quote']


You should be ashamed!! Taking advantage of a clueless young person like that. LOL but yes it's my surfer girl always wanted a strat that color and love the maple fretboard. Beautiful guitars.

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Not a collection, just a toolbox:


Acoustics and Dobros:






Basses (or, I might say, Precisions):



Odd man out (Samick HJ650):



The clownburst Dobro may get traded, if I find one that has the sound I want; the '51 Precision is being traded in on an American Vintage '57 P; the fiesta red Classic '50s P is being sold to a friend; and the Samick will go as soon as I find a happy home for it.

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