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Question re speaker outs on BC30


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Hi All


Got a question re the speaker outs on the BC30.


There are 2 x 4?, 2 x 8? and 1 x 16? output sockets (one of which is used by the speakers in the combo). My question is are the outputs mutually exclusive or can more than one be used at any time? i.e could I keep the combo speakers connected and also run, for example, a 16? external cabinet at the same time. Or even run the combo speakers and theoretically 2 x 4? cabs plus another 8? cab and a 16? cab all at the same time (obviously ignoring either the sense or power limitations of doing so!)


My reason for asking is that I would like to be able to run my Weber Mini Mass as a DI box, using the line out into my deck, out of one of the 8? outputs whilst still using the combo speakers out of the other 8? output.

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You shouldn't ever use two outputs of different impedances, but two of the same can be used (i.e. both of the 8's or 16's) provided you observe the correct rules regarding the math. Only use cabinets with the same impedance, and remember that you DIVIDE the impedance by the number of cabs. For instance, if you had one 16 ohm cabient, you would plug that into a 16 ohm out. If you were to use TWO 16 ohm cabs, you would divide the impedance (16) by the number of cabs (2), which is 8 ohms, so you should plug each 16 ohm cab into an 8 ohm output (Two 8's would go into the 4)



...I'm probably doing an awful job explaining this. It's way more confusing on paper/computer screen than it really is. I'm sure someone else here can do a better job explaining.


In a nutshell: The only time you should use two of your outputs is if they are of the same impedance, and make sure to use the right two based on the speakers you're using.

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