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White Casino


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would anyone be able to help with more information about a white casino i was thinking of buying


firstly, the seller says that it is a shop order special colour made in 1988 in the Terada factory in Japan. I have never seen a white epiphone casino before so I am a little hesitant, although if it is a special order there might not be many of them in this colour


also, what is the standard of a Terada guitar compared to an Elitist


thanks for any help

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great, looks just like the one that i have seen, except the one i am interested in has the E on the pickguard


would anyone know how many of these were made, and what they are worth ???


i assume they are a great guitar, i have japanese strats, teles les pauls and 335's from Fender, Orville, Burny, Edwards, Yamaha and they are all fantastic, i assume the Japanese Epiphone are excellant, but never had the chance to play one


many thanks

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Those pickguard Es are notorious for coming off. [-(


Japanese guitars are typically of a very high quality, I've played some Epi Elitists and they were easily Gibson-worthy guitars.


Can't imagine there would be a particularly large number of them in circulation, this is only the second time I've seen them mentioned in over a year, so..

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