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Help with Sherry II hardware upgrade.


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G'day again gents,


I have been reading various threads and have come to understand that when replacing bridge and tails that not all Sherry II's are the same measurement. I have taken some measurements and wondered if you could tell me if these are standard or whether I have an oddball? These measurements are not from hole to hole but from the end to end of the parts themselves.


Bridge base screws from end to end = 86mm


Bridge end to end = 83mm


Tail pce end to end = 100mm


Nut = 43mm


I am wanting to upgrade the bridge to a good quality graphite and the nut also - advice for specific parts would be much appreciated. I'd also appreciate any recommendations for 335 replacement drop in wiring kits for tone and vol?


Here's a close up of my tail and bridge ... this Sherry is Korean made Unsung 2009.




Cheers, Tiki. :)

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you have the recent bridge.. most of the korean sheris had a fatter and oddly sized bridge.


You can use a metric replacement.. whereas if I order a metri for my korean sheri, it wont fit.


I've redone my sheri and several others, as well as dots and casinos and pauls, so if you wanna pm me or email me I can give you a list.


you can find bridge measurements on all the allparts.com bridges, I beleive.


I have graph tech saddles in my dot studio and I like them a lot.

both my sheri and my dot have cts pots and sprague orange drop caps.. one has treble bleed ceramic discs.


I make the wiring harnesses and you need to watch out online. there are people selling them way overpriced in my view.


Graph Tech makes a great nut.. the Tusq which fits epis fine. I switched over to them exclusively after putting on on my epi Dove.


I don't have a parts number list handy or I'd post it. But I'll get you some info if you need it.



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Hey Twang,


Excellent information mate, could you please PM me all relevant information also ... I would greatly appreciate it; I am also wanting to add a bigsby so any information you could provide there would be great. What do you think about using a roller bridge with the Bigsby?


Thank you! Tiki. :D

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paper in oil vary from orange drops which are poly caps.

made differently.

they perform the same function.

I recently tried some paper in oil.. or oil in paper.. *L*

and I liked them quite a bit.

They are what the vintage guitars used to have.. from gibson and some others, but are expensive.

to my ear the ones I used .. vitamin Q.. did seem to give the tone a boost.. they seemed warmer, and fuller.. and even the tone control seemed

have a smoother curve to it.


I use spragues for my own, so far, but I think I'm gonna have to switch!



I'm trying to get a reply to you but I'm swamped.. I take a little coffee break in the forums but haven't been able to get you your info..

please hang on!



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