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went and placed a deposit on a new marshall bass amp today, bought the MB4210, its a bit of a monster......should get it sometime next week


while i was there i tried for the 1st time a EVJ and loved it, better than i thought, also tried a vox ac4tv which was really nice too, ALSO tried the new marshall class 5 and one word....WOW, this thing is amazing, but £300 amazing? i dunno, maybe a bit on the pricey side, might have to have another go and decide.......


still maybe think that the jr has the biggest bang for the buck.



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Well, congrats to you! I have to say though, that if I were looking for a "smallish" bass amp today, I'd snag that new Ampeg Micro-VR. I saw and heard one a couple weeks ago, and it's nothing short of astonishing for its size. I think it's only 150 watts into the single 2x12 cabinet, but man, did it sound HUGE! Extremely impressive, and dirt cheap! The guy who had it got it on sale over labor day weekend, and with a $100 mail-in rebate, paid all of $440 for head and cabinet!


I'm unfamiliar with teh Marshall class 5, but I have to say that I haven't seen or heard a guitar amp from Marshall since the JCM800 that was what I'd consider having any "wow" factor. Maybe, this new one is a departure in the right direction for them, finally. I've heard some buzz about the Haze amps, but haven't played them myself. The clips I've heard of the 6v6 model did nothing for me, but I'm not much of a 6v6 guy, personally, so that's a terribly biased opinion on my part.


Good luck with the new amp, man!

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