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Going to slide my Casino...!

Lord Summerisle

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OK folks, I've decided to withdraw the Casino from sale...for two reasons - 1) because I've had no interest other than from a complete time-waster who contacted me via Craigslist, and was looking for something for nothing; and 2) because I'm not really that desperate for the $410 I was looking for - I just felt guilty about having a guitar lying idle.


And then it hit me...I've been looking for a guitar to set up for slide for ages. I'm sorry that I didn't bond with the Casino as much as I thought I would, but rather than sell it cheap and then buy another guitar...why not just use the Casino for slide?


After all, they've famously been used for slide in the past...




And still are today (and can sound great) - see this clip by Billy Jenkins (he stops talking and starts playing around 1 minute in):



Think the recipe might include some 11s and a slightly higher action...

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Wow, you've resurrected a thread of mine from ages ago!


Sorry to disappoint, but the Casino went west a long time ago...I traded it for a St Blues.


I tried the Casino as a slide guitar, but, to be honest, I prefer a solid body for slide work.

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I've been using a 1997 Peerless Korean Casino for slide on stage for 2 years now. Before that I tried a Gibson ES135 and a Strat, but the Casino is my favourite. There's something about that P90 sound that lends itself to Blues. I raised the action a bit, strung it with 12's and an unwound G, and it's still great for rhythm work. Our lead guitarist liked the sound of the Casino so well, that he bought one and uses it for part of the night along with his main guitar, a Gibson Firebird Studio. Hope you have as much fun with yours.

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