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HN to me GD via krazybay


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Hey, nice score. Be sure to post some more pictures. I'm GASing for a GoldTop myself at the moment. But who isn't ever? There's one for sale here, with P90s, and it looks absolutely mint and damn gorgeous.


You just keep on finding those great deals don't you?

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Swoop- Man, I know it... Every since I saw Benders, I knew I had to get busy. I just

wasn't a fan of the look of the P90's. Don't get me wrong, The Duncan P90's have a

great sound/tone. Just liked the looks of the buckers mo betta. Thanks budro!!!


cant- Yes sir, That's exactly what I was huntin'... Not too gaudy ya' know. Thanks!!

I saw yours, Bad motorscooter it is!!!


lp- Thank ya'!! It's a patience thing ya' know it... Haaaaah. I got purdy lucky really...



MIDI- Thank ya' podnah! It sure does look like a "Slash". It's not tho, Shows 6/99.

Still verifyin' on the serial... Some lag in gettin' back and forth..? Bare with me.

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Okay, She is enroute from the great state of Nevada. Have all the shipping/tracking/insurance

junk in hand finally. She is a June of '99 creation, #0115 of #?X?X... She was put together at

the Saein plant during their, "good years- '98-'99", So I hear... The original owner sent me a

real cool email. The young lady stated, "It plays like a dream, I just quit playing several years

ago and it has sat in the closet every since." She was kind enough to get back to me with the

double verified serial# at my request and the little bit of history of it..? The really incredibly cool

part of this as I see it was a bid of $233.00 went ONCE, TWICE - SOLD! I honestly never

expected the bid to carry... At any rate she is due to arrive here next week and I'll try to get

some decent pictures as all I had was theirs to function with. Kinda' excited about it...

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Good stuff. Can never have to many Korean made Epi's, they are exceptional. Though in saying that my EE Chinese built G-400 is fantastic too, and I dare say that plant will become the Epiphone plant in future, being totally dedicated to Epi's.


You've got me GASing for a GoldTop now, but a P90 stuffed example. Such as this one


Lordy that's nice. Korean made too.


I think I'm gonna go for an Agile or two though. Can't wait to run a Les Paul through my C50. The sustain of my G400 through that is quite something, so I imagine the sustain of a big, heavy Les Paul through it is going to be absolutely mind blowing.

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