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HELP! New Epiphone Casino Problems


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Hi All


I've recently traded in my Epiphone Dot for a lovely Epiphone Casino (449 RRP) in Cherry Red. I always liked the sound I got from the Dot, but the playability and the build quality wasn't the best so decided to upgrade.

Considered a Sheraton, but was too heavy and bulky compared to the Casino. Love how light it is, the feel of the neck etc...


However, after my first band practice with my amp cranked up (rubbish Marshall Valvestate at the mo) I noticed how different the P90 pickups are to the humbuckers I am used to on the Dot. The main problem is if I use the same settings I usually do - bridge pickup, everything up pretty much - at such high volumes the Casino P90s scream with high pitched feedback which is not pleasant! i did read about this before I purchased but had no idea how bad it can get. The remedy seems to be to turn the tone control down and the result was OK but quite muddy. Also the sustain is quite different to the dot and seems to be very "low end", I suppose this is due to the hollowbody?


I understand it's a completely different beast being completely hollow body and having P90s and I think I just need to experiment to get a good sound. I also am soon grabbing an all valve amp which should improve things.

I thought the Casino would be similar in sound to the Dot, but would be slightly brighter as I would like a little more a cutting sound - the frontman in the band uses a tele and the tele/dot contrast wasn't the best.


So my question is - do any other Casino owners experience the high pitched "scream" feedback from the P90s and does anyone have any thoughts on the sustain/other diferences in sound from a Dot?


Thinking I maybe should have took more time over my choice..but I love how the Casino plays!





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You probably should have considered your decision more, they are two completely different guitars, and really the only thing they have in common is the same basic 335 shape. Though I personally would prefer a Casino over a Dot. A Dot just doesn't sound different enough to a Les Paul to me, didn't sound or feel as resonant as I wanted. And that was a Gibson 335.


You are correct, the Casino won't sustain as much as the dot, as it's fully hollow. The Dot's sustain comes from it's solid centre section, and I dare say that the humbuckers, which would be wound a fair bit hotter than the P90s in the Casino, played some part in that too. I think you'll find that it's the full hollow body of the Casino that causes the feedback, rather than the pickups, as the sound resonantes in the body cavity much more, and is not damped by the solid centre section. So basically what you're hearing is a kind of interference.


You could try stuffing a large piece of foam inside the guitar. You'll still keep most of that lovely resonance, but it might just help damp it a little, reducing the interference and thus reducing the feedback.

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Hey there, welcome to the forum !!

I don't own a Casino.......Sheraton is my "bag", but I do understand feedback from other hollowbodies i've had in the past..........

A company (don't know the name) makes foam inserts, or you could use BB Kings old trick and stuff a few hand-towels (carefully) in through the F-holes to really dampen the feedback........

Also, if theres any way you can get either beside, or behind your amps speaker section, that would help greatly, and you might also try putting a 4" "shim" under the back of the speaker cab.........pointing it slightly downward helps also. If it's a stack, you'll have to secure the head to keep it from vibrating off !!!!


I'm sure you'll hear better ideas here than mine, you can really trust these folks, darn good bunch here !

Best of luck, let us know how it goes, and what works........and post a pic of the Casino.....we LOVE guitarporn here!


Cheers !

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High pitched (microphonic) pickup scream is a different issue than feedback caused by hollow-body guitar resonance. At the volumes you are describing, P90s need to be wax potted. This is a common and well-known issue with P90s and Casinos. You can do this yourself, have a pro do it, or put new pre-waxed pickups in, see the following how-tos:





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The distance from and orientation of the Casino to the amp (facing towards' date=' facing away) are important in controlling what is called "musical" feedback. Brianh covered the squealing microphonic feedback problem.[/quote']


Dayam! I made f-hole plugs out of leather in the 70's for my jazz box. If only them Internets existed back then...

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Wow, thanks for the replies - I can see me spending alot more time on this board!


Firstly, yes it's the high pitched microphonic pickup squealing that I am having problems with, thanks for the advice brianh. Already on the case to a pro I know about getting the pickups wax potted, hopefully that will solve it.


Secondly, the points made about feedback with a Casino are interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing what interesting sounds I get out of it! That's what I love about semi acoustics/hollowbody electric guitars. Interesting points about putting something inside the guitar - I can see myself customizing my casino a fair bit - too many guys in bands use dots/sheratons in my town, be cool to have something a little different, especially sound wise. I'm bored of having the generic humbucker sound, hoping to experiment.


Talking of which I've taken the white pick guard of which I wasn't a fan of - would like a black one - does anybody have a link from where best to order one? Last point is the action - might have that adjusted so she plays like butter!


If all goes completely balls up I'll swap for a sheraton, but there is something about the Casino - pic to come soon


Cheers guys.

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Ok Guys - update time.


The Casino has got to go. After 2 practices with the band not only is the microphonic feedback the biggest pain in the *** going at high volumes, the tone of the Casino is muddy which I'm guessing is due to the hollow body?


It is just no where near as cutting as the Dot was and my sound is getting lost under the frontmans Telecaster.


Therefore she's getting traded in - but the question is what to go for??


Does a sheraton differ greatly SOUND wise from a Dot or is it just basically a Dot but with better hardware?


I'm guessing as it's a semi-acoustic with humbuckers I may be able to achieve a similar sound to the Dot, which I was happy with, just played like a piece of crap!


Only prob is - Sheratons don't come in Cheery Red - but Dot's do!


Do the Dot deluxes come in Cherry and are they available in the UK?


Basically this swap has gotta be on the money otherwise I'm going to lose my mind! Will a Sheraton solve my probs and get a sound that I had with the dot, but better made/playability or cut losses and go back to a dot?!



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The Sheraton is a lovely guitar. If you are buying used, look around for a Korean one with the 3 piece neck (well, technically it's a 5 piece neck - but to the casual glance you can see the 3 pieces of wood running along the neck.) I don't believe that Sheratons are just Dots with 'bling' - they are their own guitars! You should have no feedback problems even at high volumes.


Something does occur to me, however. Does it have to be a semi-hollow? If you're having trouble cutting through the mix, I'd be tempted to just go with a solid body - Les Paul, SG, Firebird...Epi makes some nice guitars, after all...

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Sheratons are maple top/back/sides/& neck..........

Dots,(somebody correct me if i'm wrong here, I don't own a Dot) are maple top/mahogany back,sides,& neck..........


I test drove all 3 before buying my Sherri, and for MY sound, (sweet, slightly overdriven, & trebly.....I like a guitar that sings) the Dot & Dot Deluxe just didn't impress me........they were rather muddy(both p'ups) and just didn't have the "tight but sweet" tone I was after.

The Sherri, was noticibly different right away...... lightly overdriven,the guitar literally SANG to me !

I cranked it up to see how it sounded "dirty", and it will get pretty darn nasty (but still tight) with the factory p'ups.

I don't know if thats the tone you're after, but practically no guitar you buy will sound, or play right, unless it's properly set up.


Whichever you decide to get, i'd try to go Korean instead of Chinese, the China made hollowbodies i've seen, aren't quite "up to par" with the Koreans yet.(just my opinion, others may vary)


Best of luck, let us know how it flows............

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OK guys, after all the f*king about I've decied to keep the casino but mod it to my needs.


This is because -

1) dots are cheap and nasty really, I never really liked mine and glad I got rid. Casino just plays better.

2) Tried an Sheraton and not a fan - BIG guitar compared to Casino (wider neck, bigger headstock) and heavier! (i know it's a semi etc)


So...in the price range there is nothing that comes close to the Casino. Therefore, I've decided to give a decent humbucker at the bridge a try, as the p-90s aren't cutting the mustard for me. I know you die-hards will say this is taking away the true spirit of the Casino, but its the slim-line and the lightness I like and the playability NOT the sound! My only concern is whether I can keep the dog-ear chrome covers over the humbucker, otherwise I'm going with a dot like surround. All this being done by a pro.


Secondly, I'm going with some dense foam through the f-holes into the guitar to give me some sort of semi-acoustic-ness as the overall sound I am achieving is quite muddy and doesn't have clarity.cutting through the rhythm guitarof the frontman - sound that the dot had.


I'm liking the idea of customizing as everyone and there uncle uses dots and sheratons in bands in my area. Plus i'd like my own sound, so fingers crossed.


Does anyone have any other suggestions on what can be done to help achive the semi-acoustic thing, aprt from buying one of course!



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Clarity and cutting, are a Telecaster's hallmark, as well as "Twang!" Not sure what YOU are trying to achieve, here.

Are you competing against your "front man," in a lead capacity? Are you filling in, with rhythm? If so, the Casino

should be great, for that. It can do "lead" as well...any guitar can, really. But, it will NOT compete with a Telecaster!

Totally different guitar, and tone. Before you hack up, your Casino, for Humbuckers, try some P-100's. Much quieter,

a bit less midrange "quack" than a P-90, and they are "humbucking" in that they are a "stacked" dual coil,

as opposed to "side by side," that will interchange with a P-90, given the right mounting braket. Hence...NO drilling or

routing, needed. Do some homework, and I think you'll find a lot of options, that don't involve hacking up, your guitar.


Also, puting a block of balsa wood, or styrofoam, between the top and back of the guitar, will cut down (considerably)

the resonating "feedback" from the top and bottom resonating at different frequencies. And, those materials are very

light, so won't add any appreciable weight, to your guitar. Just cut them large enough to fit tightly (inside) between

the back an top. You can place it under the bridge area, or even between the two pickups. Might need a bit of

testing, to see which provides the most "relief" from the feedback. But, it works.


Also, give consideration to your amp! Is your amp, of equal power and tone, to your "front man's?" A Casino will require

quite different amp settings, as well...alll things being equal, that is.


Anyway...just some thoughts.





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Mini-humbuckers with Dog eared mounts, might BE your best bet? Hard to say, without knowing your needs and musical style.


As to "Sheraton vs Sheraton II," the only difference, is the tailpiece...not the pickups. Sheraton has a frequensator tailpiece,

the Sheraton II, has a Stop Bar. Most Asian (but not all) have a "Stop Bar," and so are Sheraton II, technically. There were

some Japanese, and maybe a few very early Korean, that had a Frequensator tailpiece. But, the originals (Kalamazoo-USA) and the Elitist

(Japanese) all had mini-humbuckers, as standard equipment. ;>)



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