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Looking for the scoop on the Genesis


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I'm hoping to get some authoritative information on the Genesis, as I've read conflicting reports on a couple of issues.


1. When were these guitars built and where? I've read that they were built over various time spans between 1977 and 1983. I've read that they were manufactured in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.


2. What wood types were used? I've read that the neck and body are mahogany and that the body may or may not be capped with maple. I've read that the fretboards are made of ebony or rosewood.


3. What brand of pickups were used and what type of magnet?


Thanks in advance.

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They were made in 1979, 1980 and part of '81 in the Pearl factory in Taiwan.


The bodies and necks are solid mahogany (no cap), and all the fretboards are rosewood. The original PUPs are always DiMarzio humbuckers with no covers and the magnets are.......iron?


There's not a lot of definitive info available, but what little there is has been collected and deposited on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epiphone_Genesis


PS: That's my Custom in the photos...

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I'd read your posts here and the Wikipedia article prior to writing. I've already convinced myself the Genesis is a good guitar and have a Custom on it's way to me, but it never hurts to understand what you're working with. The Wikipedia article mentions a guy named Jim Walker as the designer of the Genesis and someone who claims to be Jim Walker posted to a Harmony Central thread on the Genesis back in March of 2005. It would be cool to track him down and get the particulars on this guitar.


As far as magnet type, I was wondering whether it was ceramic (which was popular back then) or a variant of Alnico. The guitar I'm getting doesn't have the original pickups, so it's only a matter of curiosity for me.


Thanks for the information. How's the refinish job coming along?

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Thanks for the information. How's the refinish job coming along?


Slowly. Kind of got bumped by other things over the summer. Will get back to it in a month or so. Post pics of your Custom when you get it' date=' and enjoy!


Also, can you post a link to that Harmony Central posting by Jim Walker? I can't seem to find it...


Nevermind, here it is. I wonder how to get a hold of him.



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  • 3 months later...

New info available thanks to Maximiliano Manuel Silva Correa who contacted Gibson and received this reply and the attached images:


Hello Max,


Thank you for contacting Gibson. I have attached some specs information on the

Epiphone Genesis guitars. These guitars were built in Taiwan from 1979 to

1981. Thanks.


Bob Burns


Gibson Customer Service




Original specs:




Original Gibson images of Standard (left), Deluxe (middle), Custom (right):



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