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I've gone and done it! HNGD & SFGD


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the Burny I was talking about! Upon closer inspection, I realised the finish was Nitrocelloluse.. and the body WAS A ONE PIECE CARVED MAHOGANY!








The VH-1 Pickups are monsters! MIJ guitars are steals.. credits to Pedalitis for the pics


But alas, it was a Sad Farewell Guitar Day too..




farewell Cassie..

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I know nothing about the availability of electric guitars in Singapore (and the only thing I know about Singapore is the caning of lawbreakers!), but I'm guessing you won't have too much of a problem buying another Casino someday if you find you really miss it.


Here's some Wiki info on the VH-1 pickups:


The higher priced Burny electric guitars had VH-1 Gibson PAF like pickups installed from 1985 onwards. The early VH-1 pickups starting from 1983 (installed in Burnys from 1985) are approximately 7.5 kO DC resistance and are handwound and have an alnico magnet. The VH-1 pickups from 1987 and after are approximately 8.2 kO DC resistance and have a ceramic magnet and are not wax potted.

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I was lucky. I got this off second hand from someone who went Japan and got this. The availability of guitars are limited to the big house brands - Gibbos, Fenders and PRS. There are rare guitar shops but tend to house extremely unfriendly witches and grossly overpriced.


The VH1 has lots to write home about. I ran it through a Vox AC4. The bridge has that sweet 60's spank, very unlike the P90 grit of the casino. I have to say I've been much accustomed to single coils and the hums really surprised me!

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bender4life : yes sir, its a set neck - very stable neck joints. The frets need questioning thought. They seem fine now, but looks like they would be worn in pretty soon!


goldie : Yes it looks like it, I was initially fooled - closer inspection reveals that the "line" stops at the bridge pickup - fascinating grains!


Stig : Well.. if thats the case i wouldnt buy an MTV endorsed guitar! haha but it is still VH-1 on the bridge!


am loving this babe folks!!! this is an SG '61 copy through and through - even in terms of tone. Though the 57 classics are lauded as one of the best, the VH-1 easily matches up!

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