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Which case for Alleykat/Wildkat when the originals are not available?


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I'd like a case for my precious Alleykat (I don't want to knock the headstock off on my travels to rehearsals).


What would be a fitting case for it? I am not able to find the Epiphone original case anywhere around here.


I assume LP case are too small, ES-335 too big... etc. Maybe some Ibanez Artcore case would fit ok?! Any other choices?



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Thanks for the reply. :D


OK. I guess I'll just have to go around the shops to find a solution. I just thought if there who had a similar problem in the past.


Actually I'd need a case for my Rumblekat bass too! Similar deal = odd shape, original cases not available... :(

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I would email Epiphone and they should be able to tell you which case fits your guitar.


Here is a page from MF for the JP/Emperor case. You can see they show the interior dimensions:




And here is the WildKat case:




The EPI cases are decent cases for the price charged.


Good Luck

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Epiphone make a special case for the Wildkat and Alleykat. When I ordered my Wildkat, I had to get the dealer to order me a Wildkat hard case too and it took 3 months to arrive but it was worth it when it came. If you browse around shops you will have virtually no chance of finding an appropriate case cos the Wildkat/Alleykat is such an unusual size, and shops are not likely to have the exact case in floor stock , but they can be easily ordered in, you just have to be prepared to wait. It is a NICE case. You want one, trust me.


Ibanez Artcore is a similar size but a different shape and probably won't fit. I wouldn't risk it, and besides if you've spent the money on an Alleykat you might as well get the real deal case.

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