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Epi SG Junior with P90 dog ear pickup


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What about manufacturing the SG Junior with the dog ear pickup? I got one that is a 1997 model and it is the greatest guitar! Alot of people like this guitar. And they were very well made. Is there not enough demand for this model? The sg and LP specials are just not cuttin' it. Or even better, you guys make the G-310 right? So why don't you have a P90 model????Those 310's are so comfortable to play! But the humbuckers are not that great. I think a 310 with p90's will stir up ALOT of BUYING!!!! Look at this baby!!!!!!



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I could not agree more with everything you wrote. For the money I paid, this is one of THE best guitars I have ever bought.

Got it on ebay about 2 years ago, and I'm so glad I did. Put new Gotoh Vintage-type tuners and a Tusq nut, and this guitar is a joy to play. Mine is a 1997 model too.

Epi should bring back the P90 in the Jr.

But I wouldn't hold my breath.

If I was you all, I'd get one before they're gone! And they're going fast.



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Hey Guys I'm new to the Forum and The only reason why I joined was because I'm looking to buy an Epiphone SG-310 Junior with P-90 single pickup. Any suggestions other than ebay (there isnt any for sale at the moment) to find one or know of anyone thats selling one?

I got mine off ebay. But I do hear they are much harder to find.

I would look on Craig's list everyday if I was you. Things pop of fast on there and are snatched up pretty quick. But if you're lucky you may find one. I see a P-90 Jr. from time to time in my area.

Good luck!

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