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Smooth overdriven sound with much distortion


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I'm not sure if I'm even allowed to post this here but this is my guitar forum of choice. You guys all seem to bit a but more mature and knowledgable than the average guitar forum.


I'm trying to get a nice smooth over driven sound without the distortion that usually comes with it. My setup goes LP special (P90s) -> TU-2 -> Jekyll & Hyde OD -> Boss EQ ->Vox AC30CC2 Normal Channel. The Vox settings I use are as follows:


Master - Almost full, seems to add the creaminess.

Tone Cut - Not much, I like the treble.

Bass - Less than half, probably about 1/4

Treble - About 3/4

Reverb - Just a touch

Normal Channel Volume - About 1/4 usually, I control the volume with this one.

Brilliance switch is on.


Jekyll and Hyde settings are as follows:


Drive - Usually just a bit, around 1/4

Tone - A little over half, I fine cutting it makes my sound too... Bluesy/Rocky for what I play.

Volume - About half, I find turning it up just adds distortion and turning it down makes me quieter.

I don't touch the distortion side much.


EQ pedal I just use as a boost really.


So basically I want that lushness that overdrive gets without as much distortion as I seem to be getting now. There's a few bands/guitarists that replicate this but I can't think of any good examples other than The Kooks, The Strokes and sometimes The Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things. Actually The View has it on a few songs too. I'm fairly certain I can do it without adding any pedals or effects since the bands I mentioned don't use a whole lot other than overdrives/volume pedals and such.


Thanks for any input.

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