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If it's a dent rather than a chip that was knocked out, you might be able to steam it back to shape and then touch it up. If it was a chip, did you find it on the floor? It can be glued back in and then touched up, sanded and restored with a little matching paint.

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Yes, I agree with Ant on this one - it may not seem like it, but you were lucky there!


It just looks like a nasty dent that has caved in the lower corner. Pack it with wood filler, sand it smooth with fine sandpaper, and stain it. If you are lucky you may even find a suitable coloured wood filler that will avoid the staining process. It will never be "as new," but you will be able to make it so that only close inspection will reveal the repair.


Next step: buy some straplocks!

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When it slipped, I was afraid the headstock was going to break - it's funny how things like that happen in slow motion, yet you still can't move fast enough to prevent it. I think I will do something to fix it up though - But I think I'm going to wait a few days and think it over.

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My guitar slipped as I was putting on the strap. :-$ Down it went' date=' hitting the the headstock on my amp. It could have been worse, I suppose, but it is still going to take a little work to make this look better!



All in all, not TOO bad a dent. Yes, it CAN be repaired/covered with Ladies nail polish,

then wet sanded progressively, then car polishing compound, car swirl remover compound,

then guitar polish... in example, I have a repair in progress with an SG style - took a good hit,

so I'm using the "Drop Fill/fingernail polish paint in method. Takes a while to build up layers,

but just make sure end result is just slightly higher than damage, then wet sand, etc...











THE FILL (in progress):







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