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I had somebone on the forum offer to trade me the single coil bridge pickup off of a mexican fender tele for the humbucker bridge pickup on my mexican strat. Does anybody know if they will work? I mean is a tele bridge pickup the same as a single coil strat bridge pickup? I know that I have to change out the pickguard but I didn't know if the pickups are the same or not. Thanks everyone.

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They're bigger than a strat size pup.


a strat pup cover is smaller than the tele bridge pup with no cover.

the tele will be wider.

you couldn't get it through the hole in the guard, without enlarging it.

the base plate is bigger, but if you have a humbuck in there now.. you've got enough room.


You'd also find the holes wont match up.. teles have three screws..

so the humbuck holes would be empty and you'd have to drill three more.


The tele bridge would fit.. it would sound fine.. if you adjusted the guard.


Now.. the tele fits at an angle.. dont' forget that.. so you have to fit it to the hole.. then fit the guard to it's placement.


I know it will fit if you dremel or file off a bit on any edge of the base plate that sticks out..

if it's metal.. don't overheat do by hand.. you might have to take a little corner off or something.. it depends on the route room.

usually the base plate is angled on the front of a tele pup so I doubt you'd have to at all.



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