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GIBSON Pickup on my les paul standard Epi


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I just finished installing gibson pickups on my les paul Epi. I put a 490r at the neck an a 498t at the bridge. It sound real good. It had a nice sound before but now it has a great sound. The swap was real easy. I did both of my guitar in 2 1/2 hours. I installed my Epi pickup on a old guitar that my daughter is practicing with.

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Good choice!!! I installed the same 498T/490R sets on

both my EPI LP Studio and EPI LP classic - major difference

in sustain and sensitivity to pinch harmonics. Better sound.

I lucked out and bought both sets for half-price via ebay.

If you've GOTTA have Gibson pups, it's the way to go, but

EPI pups actually sound decent if you have the right set,

preferably from g-400 or LP Standard, and the EPI open-coil

LP classics sound good too in the right guitar. I LOVE using

EPI pups on guitar mods to replace stock pups. If not EPI,

then GFS....

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I too, have installed Gibson pickups in my most beloved, and trusted Blue Bomber, although they are the older "T-top" pickups...opened that puppy right up, they did! I got mine free, techy had 'em lying around his shop, and gave 'em to me. I gave him a rather expensive bottle of wine that Christmas cuz I felt bad not payin' him for them...he gave me the TP6 on it too.

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