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Hey marbleheader.


Got any pics?


in particular, a full length portrait and a close up of the in the hole label. Use the Macro function on your digital camera. Don't use a camera phone, if you can help it. Camera phones are a poor substitute for the real thing, especially for taking really, really close up close-ups. Also, a close up of the cantilevered fret board extension just above the sound hole, a profile to see how much daylight is between the sound board and fret board extension.


And Welcome!

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1974 Catalog:



This thread discusses Iconoclast's estimate of value of guit tars of this vintage.




This assumes, I guess, a playable guit tar in good condition.


This vintage was plagued by a weak neck block to soundboard joint that leads to very high action and possibly soundboard damage above the sound hole.


The following repair thread, authored by moi, shows some of the damage that is seen. The first pic is about as bad as it gets, save for total loss of fretboard material. A pic at the bottom of the instructions shows my FT145SB with fairly minor fretboard damage.




Per the catalog, the FT150 was the top of the line 'adjustable' bolt-on neck dreadnaught. A step above the FT145. The really fancy ones began with numbers above 199. FT350, FT550, etc. These had a 'fixed neck' In fact, the 'fixed' necks with heels may have been bolted on, in addtion to being glued. Even though they have a bolt head visible, they were not designed to be removed easily.

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Thanks for that info. I am going to change my strings over the next day or two, when I do, I will snap some photos...I just thought a rough estimate of value would be nice. I bought the guitar at Steve's Quality Instruments in Danvers MA and I think I paid about $150.00 roughly. Steve's got put out of business when Guitar Center opened in the area.

Thanks again!

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