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"Old" (or current) Band Photo's thread

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What a cool idea for a thread...


I was able to dig up a photo of my band from the mid 90's. This is a shot of me with my trusty Strat playing Bob Dylan's "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35". Ahhh, the memories.


I don't run into the guys from that band enough. I hope they're doing well. We had the times of our lives.





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Very, very, very nice thread everyone! Congrats to all participants! I've enjoyed this more than you can guess!


No band photos from my side (no band either! I'm just a weekend bedroom warrior I'm afraid...) but I can only imagine what it should feel like to jam with others, from the few times I played along with someone else...


forming a band is actually a dream for me...

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this was from my "almost famous" era. we had a song on the radio and some very high-profile gigs in the detroit area. it was' date=' sadly, not to be. i blame the tele. lol.



cunk ...... there's a good chance I caught you there .... I dragged my wife to St Andrews more than few times.....and fondly recall 89X (although I also seem to recall they switched formats before we moved south here to Tennessee)......the music scene is a little "different" down here ... Knoxville has it's moments, but we have a pretty good blues bar here in my city....works for me these days.
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My recent "Pic from the Past" thread made me think it might be fun

to have an "Old Band Photos" (or even Current Band Photos)

thread as well. But' date=' one can post in either thread, of course...





Sorry for coming late to the party, but I just got these two photos (circa 1967) from an old band mate on FaceBook:





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I have no picture from my teenage band yet. So here are 2000's bands I was in.



I'm the asian cowboy with the Cow-Kramer 84. It was my first gig with them, and that's when I've realized it was a christian band! :)


"The Lundies"

Three girls in the same rock band. Three times more tension :D It couldn't last...

Well I'm the satisfied guitar guy in case you didn't noticed.



Current Band. Turn up the gain, way much more beer either.

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Great thread' date=' here we go yes we are a nostalgia band. Just like being at the Holiday Inn 1972 isn't it, well except for the grey hair.



Uploaded with ImageShack.us



Maddening how your pics load so small....




Check this thread link!!!!!!!



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