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'99 Epi GT arrived today


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She rolled in earlier this evening...8-[

Got some new strings on 'er, Set the into and kicked the tires.

Here's a couple of photos, No photographer here:-$ I'll take

'er in with me in the morning and have a tech go thru everything

and change out the pots, caps and install the new Dimarzio's

for me. I have to say, The stock pups are thin on the neck and

purdy muddy at the bridge...



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No problemo! Be sure to post picks when you are done. I think some vintage Klusen style tuners would look good on it too. I used to despise those tuners but I am starting to like the look of them more than the Grovers that are on mine.


Oops, I just realized the vintage style tuners were already on there. My bad.

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Looks nice, and appears to be in 'good nick'. Not bad grain on the backside of her either! The Dimarzios will be a great improvement, and I agree, get some chrome covers on them! I like open coils on a Les Paul, I really do, but not really on a Gold Top. I've decided that when the time comes for me to get another Les Paul, and it will, I'm going to go the whole hog and get a Gibson Les Paul Classic. At that point it will probably be a used one since they're discontinued, but that suits me fine. Especially when the old stock in the store is on sale for a comparatively cheap price, should drive the used prices down a bit, which is good for me. The open coils on that are what make it I think.


Anyhow, nice looking GT that. Should be great after a setup too. Not sure what I did, but I got my SG playing like butter now. It wasn't bad before, but now it's great. Really is amazing how a bit of tweaking and setting up can make a guitar totally different.

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Y'all got you'n a keeper thar Sparky! Old guy I used to Catfish with down South used to say that to me when I summered in Virginia. That really IS a nice grain on th' back of that perveyor of sonic mayhem. Nice score dude-like person.

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Thanks bros!!

Man, I took 'er in this a.m. and the tech was a little worried about usin' my chrome

covers. He didn't want to go the heat and run the risk of any demag as well... I'll

ride it out a bit and probly just do it myself. I've got him busy with the new nut,

pots, caps, old school wiring, indicators, pups, neck adjust, the usual hotrod stuff.

I'm gonna stick with the stock Epi tuners and see how it goes..? One thing I did

see, The body has an enormous resonance... Way more than my other LP's and

the SG's..? Kinda cool! I'm anxious to get 'er back, Oughta be a skreemer...

Thanks again buds, I damn sure appreciatcha' and all the input!!!!

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Hey Anthem!

Well, I opted to go with the Air Norton(N) and the Tone Zone(:P.

Have the D'Activators in another LP and really like the Dimarzio

possibilities. This is going to be a bit on the hotter side, I was

lookin' more at a lean 'n mean LP..? The SG's are okay, I just really

wanted to "hotrod" this particular guitar. Yes sir, VPaf's are super

righteous pups! When Joe gets it dolled up for me it will be a

purdy stoudt rascal... We'll see ya' know. I may end up eatin' a

big ol' plate-o-crow... That is one sharp quilt top you're sportin'!!!

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-Good choice! I was also looking at that combo until I decided to go the vintage route. I was going back and forth between the Tone Zone and the Air Zone for the bridge p'up before jumping to the Virtual PAFs. Thanks for the compliments. She a nice Quit Top. bought her new about 7 years ago. Your G.T. is pretty sweet too. Keep slamming them strings!




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