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Epiphone Japan made period


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Hello, I'm French and glad to join this US forum !


does anybody have some informations about the Japan production beetween 1970 and 1984 ?


I own two models from this period : an Emperor F antic sunburst and a Sheratone antic sunburst too. (I will soon send pics)


They are great guitars and i can tell you they're practilly unknown now in France. Anyway some shops knew thoses guitars and don't miss them when they can catch one !



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comment sont vous et l'accueil


Both my Epiphones are Japanese made... I have a soft spot for those instruments..... have a 1971 ET-275 that I do enjoy from time to time, and a 2005 JL Revolution Casino that is my favorite guitar.

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Hi Vox and welcome to the forum.

I remember the 82/83 Emperor model only too well. When I bought my Riviera in August '83 the dealer had an Emperor in Antique Sunburst for sale at the same time. Sadly I couldn't afford both guitars and when I went back a month later it was long gone. To all intents and purposes the 82/83 was the same as a Gibson L5 and, for me, the best Emperor that Epiphone (well, the Japanese models anyway) ever produced. It wasn't a bad price at £375.00 complete with a hard case but that was £50.00 more than I could get a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe for at that time so not exactly cheap.

Since that time I've only ever seen one used one for sale and it was on offer at £1250.00.

Post some pix of yours soon and make an old man happy.



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Well so here are my "Girls" :


The Emperor F (bought from Ebay)




the pickguard is handmade, imitation tortle, by my wife



The Sheraton (bought from a shop)




all parts are originals ones



I use bothly those guitrs to play Jazz or Blues, anyway the Sheraton is easier to play cause of it's uge and soft neck.


I always ear about New York pick-ups. They are mounted on Zephir Emperor Regent models (my secret dream...). On my Sheraton, i remarked they are engraved with this inscription "NY".

Do you think it can have a relation with New York Pick-ups ?



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