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Epi valve Jr plugged into guitar rig 3 + cabinet ?!


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Being stupid ... as i am ....i plugged my epi valve jr into guitar rig 3 + its cabinet ...


surprisingly enough .. it worked but im a tiny bit worried..


could this damage anything ? like my amp cabinet pc etc...


here is set up




Pc <--> Guitar rig 3 mobile -->Guitar+Epiphone valve jr head<---> epiphone valve junior Cabinet


The guitar is not plugged into the epi valve junior head or the cabinet


i could turn up volume on my epi valve without affecting the sound too much

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You have your pc into the guitar rig.. which I assume is some kinda multi effect pedal?

so you're playing a tune on the pc and then running it into the GR into the vj?

Is that it?


As long as you keep the volume at a reasonable non distorting level on the pc and guitar rig.. the vj should be fine.

it's just a line out signal.. like plugging into a pedal..then the vj.

but the pc or the GR may have a lot of output.. so set your volume so that you can use the vjs volume


what I mean is. if the vj is clean up to say 11:00 on the dial.. then your pc and GR volume should be set low enough so that

the sound you're getting is still clean that high, or nearly that high. so you know you aren't driving too much gain into it.


I don't know what a guitar rig three is.. or what you mean by it's cabinet.. is it powered?

that is. it amplifys sound to a speaker of it's own..?


you don't run speaker level signals into any amplfier.. that's way too hot.


that would be like running a vj into a vj.. not a good idea.


you can use a line level signal into the vj.. but attenuated.. those can get so loud they distort like mad.. and cause problems.

but a speaker level out is a no no for sure.



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k ty i gave it another go earlier and i got it set so it sounded reasonably good but i just prefer playing through the ValJr and nothing else really thats where i can greatly appreciate the tone guitar rig 3 a bit too buggy :D

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As long as you've got the levels set ok then nothing to worry about at all. Basically you're doing exactly the same as when people use Pro Tools or Logic, etc as their fx units. Guitar to Pro Tools to Amp to Cabinet. Experiment and enjoy

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