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well known and reliable hack.

er, tech, huh.


maybe he has a really light touch and you have a harsh touch?


raise the bridge, reintonate.

see if that does it.


sight down the neck.. see how much or how little relief he has in it.

check the nut slot depth.


which is what he should have done.


and then he should have had you play it before he ever said it was finished and adjusted to your taste.


the jerk.


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As TWANG said, it's probably just an action adjustment. But your experience is, to me, just more proof that:


1) It's best to learn how to do a "setup" yourself

2) Almost anyone can learn how to do such adjustments

3) A so-called professional setup is a ripoff

4) Because guitars are made of wood, fine adjustments are an ongoing and normal matter and/or you might just want to try a different gauge of strings.


Go to the public library and check out the guitar maintenance books (or you can buy them if you're so inclined)

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Twang addresses it pretty well... You have neck backbow, or action too low,

or maybe pups raised too high and strings hit when plucked, or?

Twilight Zone....


RonG is correct, you CAN learn to do your own set-ups. It's

not that hard with the right education, right questions asked,

and not being afraid to try. I do ALL my own set-ups. What I don't

know, I ask. The guitar is adjustable, just need to know what

adjustments do what - cause and effect! YOU CAN do it!!!!!


What's your level of knowledge/confidence regarding truss rod adjustment,

setting intonation, adjusting pup height...?

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The tools you need for a basic setup are readily available in any hardware.

They will not break the bank, and yes YOU CAN DO IT!!


1. Truss Rod Wrench..... Could be an allen wrench, or a small socket. Remove the truss rod cover and have a look.

2. Capo

3. Feeler guages.

4. Small screw driver or allen wrench for bridge adjustments.

5. Electronic tuner.


If you are interested but a bit intimidated by huge manuals, buy the book:

"How To Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great" available at Stewmac.


If you get right into the whole setup, repair thing, buy the book:

"Guitar Players Guide To Repair" also at Stewmac.

This book has info for electrics or acoustics. Also Electronics, finish repairs, and fret work.

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