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1959 Dot Reissue?????wheres day at man!

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thanks for the info red' date=' yall wouldnt have happend to have played it? how did it look up close?[/quote']


Max, I didn't play it through it amp, 'cause I was there to see some acoustics and under some time restraints, but I did take it off the wall and fool with it a bit. I thought it looked as well constructed and finished as other recent Dots I've looked at. I'm being picky by telling you the pickguard seemed a little thin, but that's a personal piccadillo for me.


This was back in early August, so I don't know whether they still have one or not. I would expect that Music Villa can get just about anything they (or you) want from Gibson and Epiphone if it's available, given their relationship (Music Villa is a 5 Star dealer just minutes from the Acoustic factory). The folks who run and work in the store are very nice, too.


I also saw the Thunderbird Pro basses there. I thought they looked amazing, though I'm no bassist, really.


Let us know if you find one, and good luck!


Red 333

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