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You're right, it is like a Jeff Beck, which started life as a P90 equipped '54, but was later modified with humbuckers. There were no humbuckers in 1954; a stock Les Paul would have been fitted with P90s from the factory. It's got the right finish, too, for a Jeff Beck (his was refinished), but not a '54 Les Paul. Oxblood wasn't a color option, then. I guess Epiphone doesn't want to pay to use the "Inspired by Jeff beck" name, LOL.


I'd love to see Epiphone issue a true '54, though, with a gold top, P90s, '50s chunky neck, and the combination bridge/tailpiece. I don't know why they're ALWAYS naming guitars after certain years but mixing up the specs.


Name aside, this looks like a nice guitar.


Red 333

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