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newbie needs some help


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hey all,


ok, I have an early '90's epiphone s-310, and I'm looking for parts some for it. It needs new tuning machines, new pickups, and possibly a new bridge, or at least a new tremolo block, basically everything needs to go except the wood. I was wondering if anyone knew of any parts that will fit with no real modification. I just want this guitar to play and sound better, but I don't want to throw a ton of money at it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated





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yea' date=' but its my first guitar and I want to keep it around. it plays pretty good, but it sounds soo bad.[/quote']

It's all good, Dan - that's why I pointed you to Guitar Fetish. Good stuff at bargain prices. I put GFS Mean 90 pickups in a Epiphone Dot Studio (so, obviously, I'm no gear snob), and they're great. Many forum members will back me up in saying that Guitar Fetish is a great place to get good stuff for Epis at good prices.

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Many forum members will back me up....

Yes' date=' many of us will back up Ron G...,

...none of us will stand behind him, however. =D> (Use your imagination on that.)


I put GFS classic '59 pup in my 1st guitar to keep it in my stable (of 3) for sentimental reasons. It sounds so damn good I spent a little more money to go push/pull and have literally turned a $50 (now $125) guitar into my slide monster of tone. Welcome to the forum WV, and good luck with your "project."


Hit every BLUE NOTE baaaby..., I'm going to play on:-"

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