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Question about Epiphone ES-175


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In this case, lamination means thin layers of wood (usually 4 or 5) glued together to build uo the top to the thickness necessary to control feedback. The majority of hollow and semi-hollow electric guitars are made this way, including the Gibson ES 175, the model the Epiphone is based on.


Photo flames (a decal printed to look like wood) are extremely rare these days.


Red 333

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As stated above, it is a laminate. The finish on mine is beautiful.


It is a high quality instrument. I would buy another one in a second if it were stolen.


I'm not a huge fan of the pickups on this guitar though. I replaced mine with 57 classics and it sounds wonderful. The stock pickups, especially the neck pickup, were very "muddy" sounding.(Where have you heard that before?)

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