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Ive replaced the stock pots and caps, yet i left the wiring as it was stock, just soldered them back into place only with new pots.


My question is, would using shielded copper wire to totally redo the wiring change or improve the sound?


Like, for instance, I have people claim 50's wiring changed their lives and whatnot-- yet wouldnt it in theory just be an alternate path toward the same output? just cause the cap is used to bridge the volume and tone, does this affect the controls?


I noticed some immediate significant drops in treble within 10-7 and then PERFECT mellow gradual reduction from 0-7 with the stock wiring scheme, 300k pots and .047uf/.022uf orange drop caps.


I know purists avoid all but cloth vintage wire but would Copper braided and shielded be any better?


I just wanna see if i can get a more mellow roll off on my tone, and if anyone has any insights into whether the stock wiring scheme should be redone



What do you guys think?




Does this REALLY have a tonal effect?


Im debating trying it out

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Low-current applications, such as guitar circuits and stereo speakers, are not really dependent on "special" wiring, as far as I know. RF shielding is perhaps another matter, but I'm not real sure about that one, either. I think a lot of this falls into the "if it makes you feel better" department. But these are just my useless opinions; if you like someone else's useless opinions better, go for it. I figure that a lot of the guitar mojo/voodoo stuff is a lot like the audio mojo/voodoo stuff - Monster and other brands sell very expensive speaker cables for example, but a heck of a lot more people are using common lamp cord quite satisfactorily.

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