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Gretsch Corvette?any experince?

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I've never owned one, Max. It's on the "list" for me too, but I haven't taken the plunge yet!


I have spent a pretty fair amount of time with both the standard and the G.Love version of the Corvette, however, so I'll give you my impressions of them for what they're worth:


The Corvette actually strikes me a Gretsch's answer to the Gibson SG. It is very thin and light, and the neck is quite like the standard SG also ... wide and flat with well-spaced frets. The Dual Mega'Tron pickups on the standard Corvette do a very nice job, delivering a bright, chrisp sound on clean and crunching up nicely when driven. The G.Love Corvette come with TV Jones Powertrons and as a result, sounds a lot more "Gretschy" to my ears ... although it didn't hold up as well under overdrive, IMO.


There is another model out called the "STUMP-O-MATIC" that is a signature guitar for Patrick Vaughn Stump of Fall Out Boy. It has three Mega'Tron humbuckers as well as some other upgrades. I never tried that one ... too ugly to consider.


It's a very cool looking and well playing guitar and not one that you're going to see everywhere you go. Just don't expect anything too ground-breaking if you already play an SG.



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That is correct. The Electromatic Corvette sounds very bright, I would say almost similar to the Fender Tele deluxe, but without the spanking top end. Similar vibe as the SG but more of a Fender voicing. The corvette is actually pretty fussy with amps and effects. Looks like too much gloss on the finish! been gassing for these before, but the sound just didn't make it for me, a pity!


More eyecandy @ www.digimart.net - use the search function.

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