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Is this a good deal/pedal?


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Od pedals are not the same as wha-wha's. What I mean is unless you are a Henry Garza(SP?) a wha is not something you would use a lot. Don't take long for the honeymoon to wear off with wha's. A wha-wha pedal is about one of the last pedals one should get while still deciding on pedals....I'm not even going to try and correct that, probably will make less sense.


Anyhow not to familiar with that particular pedal. Only done the demo thing at the store with it and was a very long time. IIRC I do belive I didn't think much of it though.....don't think much of a lot of other OD pedals anyhow. I'm definitely a Line 6 fan however. They do make some great stuff...and very good service.


It's amazing how fantastic a low 30 dollar OD pedal can sound like though:)

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