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She is complete!

Guest icantbuyafender

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Guest icantbuyafender

No toggle switch washer

USA Switchcraft toggle switch

No pickguard

Gibson USA Legendary series Mini-humbuckers mounted with LP Deluxe style mounting brackets

CTS 300K pots

.047uf neck orange drop

.022uf bridge orange drop

Locktone bridge and Tailpiece

Gibson USA Gold tophat knobs w/ pointer washers

USA Switchcraft input jack


This is Goldie.




Goldie V2.0 to be exact!


V1.0 still had the washer and pickguard without any electronic upgrades and featured cheap but descent Artec minis that were mounted using only the snug fit of the pickup ring inside the pickup route. No switchraft switch and jack.




V3.0 is pending completion, as i am planning to buy graphtech string saver saddles and a TUSQ nut to go along with a set of klusson style vintage green keystone button tuners.


I LOVE this guitar as it was at V1.0... now its sooooo perfect... V3.0 should be happening soon, but i think im gonna enjoy her now the way she is. Im hesitant to do V3.0 at the risk of ruining the current mojo and voodoo.


These pure Nickel Rock and Roll power slinkys are just the cherry on top.


Any comments? Questions?



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Guest icantbuyafender
This is the '56 you got recently? Looks nice very...Deluxe! Howzit sound? Those are full-on 'Bird pickups?


Yep, matiac, picked her up in may/ june.


She's a LP deluxe now!!!


Those pickups are re-issue LP Deluxe pickups. Alnico II magnets and a warm rich overdrive.


Clear, articulate, but she can still growl.

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Wow! I LOVE IT! I guess I am gonna have to go and figure out a way to get another goldtop so I can set it uo very similar. I really like it! I want to leave the one I have right now with P90's in it and get another and set it up kinda like yours.

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Guest icantbuyafender
Congrats' date=' nice job. So, did your pickups come with the brackets or did you have to work to get them from Gibson?[/quote']


Hah, Gibson didn't even acknowledge that they used a piece like that, and if they did it wasnt available to the public.


What i did was contact a friend of mine whom is an avid telecaster guy (rightfully so). He used Allparts brand mini humbuckers to update his two main Tele's. Both of which utilized the Allparts mini humbucker in the neck. These minis came with a metric threaded mounting bracket that he didnt use since he bought 2 custom GFS pickguards that are cut for a mini in the neck position. He was gonna toss out some stuff in his guitar part junk drawer and i stopped him and swiped the pair. Used Epi humbucker height screws in place of the gibson ones and I just bought corresponding nuts to keep them at the appropriate height and soldered them on. Then just popped the bracket in the cavity and screwed it down. The minis fit riiiight in and attached to the bracket like a glove.


Hey LP fan, i had that same idea. She's great stock, but this way, she's my mine axe. Im looking to get a used limited edition epi goldtop that came in an ebony finish (i know, different right?) and keep that one with P90's.




Thanks guys!

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Yeah, I had a heck of a time getting any help or info from Gibson, it took forever. I talked to a Gibson tech that told me how he would mount them, and that's why I mounted them like I did.


About the rings not matching - contact Gibson. In the process of putting mine in, I scratched up one of the rings. Not to bad, but it's scratched. In the process of trying to get the mounting brackets from Gibson, which they didn't know anything about, I asked for another pickup ring since it was scratched trying to put them in. Since they didn't supply me with the brackets, they sent me another ring. The cream rings didn't match the pickup guard or other cream trim on mine, but I got over it.

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Guest icantbuyafender
:P =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~


Eaaaassy there duane!




oh' date=' and I emailed gibby about a set of creme rings and that i had a dark ring and a light ring... and how i could get another set with hardware even if i had to buy them. I just reallllly want these to match.


So, Duane, what do you think i should do? Could you put in word to customer service about my email





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