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Valve Senior is in the HOUSE!

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Hello, I've a valve senior.

I don't use the reverb, and the amp doesn't have a effects loop.


So, is it just possible to disconnect the tank reverb, and to put the pedals instead of it ?

or does the amp need an electronic modification for doing that ?


Thank you for your knowledge.

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So it seems there are two versions. I'm sure my values are correct too. Specially C25, I know it well because it exploded two times because a deffective tube.

The idea about the dwell control looks interesting. I played with R31 value (put a 4M7 pot in parallel) and it did nothing, but now I guess changing both resistors for a pot as you suggest should work...

My 4 last digits: 0059.




I have a problem with my valve senior! Seems like the c25 you were talking about exploded and the casing came of. Is there anything I can do to fix this myself?

I need my amp to gig and sending it back to the dealer costs money and too much time.

Hope you can help me!

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Reviving a long time dead thread....


@Tragic1281734187 which model Accutronics reverb tank did you use?


The natural replacement is the 8EB2C1B, however I read someone obtained positive results with the R8DB2C1C which has a lower input impedance (310 Ohm) than the original (600 Ohm).

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