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Epiphone Dot Neck Repair (please help)


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I bought myself a dot last month and last week i

had a really bad accident and now the top of the neck has snapped.


I have been trying to find a replacement neck but i am having no luck what so ever.


I emailed epiphone and there has been no reply since then,so im hoping you guys can help me out.


any bit of help will be great thanks



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Perry, there are a bunch of guys here with extensive experience repairing broken necks, but you need to post pics ASAP. It's a touchy thing and must evaluated on a case-by-case basis depending on where the break is, how clean it is, etc. The sticky for posting pics is here.


We will help you, don't panic.

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chances are it can be fixed to like new. headstock repairs aren't necessarily all that bad..

look at a taylor.. or many other brands.. their headstocks are seperate pieces of wood from the neck.. glued on.


I'm sorry it happened.. but it's not the end!



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