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Hot Rod VJr & VSr now listed on Musician's Friend.


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Hmm, well that seems a bit nonsensical to me. Half the point of the VJr is the portability of the thing I thought. A seperate head and cabinet kind of ruins the portability of it really doesn't it? You can't just pick the whole thing up and go, because there are two individual components to it. What about those folks that want something small and portable, but with a nice tube warmth and tone like the VJr, at a not too stupid price? That was certainly my thinking when purchasing a regular VJr. There are plenty of other small, nice sounding little tube combos out there, but none of them really match the VJr for price.


A new, regular VJr is $370NZ here. A Vox AC4TV is in the $600NZ range I believe. A BlackStar HT-5 is in the $800NZ range I believe. A Blackheart BH5 112 Combo is in the $800 range too. And, not really in the same league, but still small, reasonably portable, and amazing sounding, the Orange Tiny Terror combo is $1600NZ. Sure, most of those have a lot more EQ controls, and a bigger speaker than the VJ, but the VJ isn't terrible by any means, and has them all whipped on price.

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This just in... and they're listed under SOLID STATE AMP HEADS! :^o Got sand? [-X duh de duh de duh duh doh! :-({|=









Saw that MF had them after my order from Sweetwater already shipped out. Have a 20% off coupon from MF good through the end of the month too. I'll give my sales rep a call tomorrow and ask if they can match the coupon from MF.

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