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Thunderbird Pro-V problem


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So ive been waiting to get this bass since january and my chance finnally came so i got really excited and picked it up today. Forst impressions when i opened the box were great! She is beautiful and finnished perfectly (vintage sunburst) i then sat down and started playing and thats where the problems started....

I imediatly noticed string rattle on all strings except G all the way to the 16 Fret..i understand this can be corrected (dont know how!) but my problems continued..... Once pluged into the Amp i blayed it and although the B string sounds ok there is alot of noise and the occasional crackly EVEN when the strings are STILL! I put the bass down while still on and then noticed a Hum noise start which stops as soon as one of the metal parts tounching the strings is even slightly touched..i thought this could be vibration until i noticed it stopped when i was touching the BRIDGE or TUNING PEGS!!!!


What should i do? :- I seem to have a beautiful bass thats defective with string and electrical problems ;) not happy and im only 15 so i cant just 'buy another' been saving for ages..........

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