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Elitist Valensi Riviera on Ebay!


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who ever buys this will be a very happy and lucky person. i have the elitist in vintage sunburst (which might even be a tad rarer that the natural model) but these guitars are the best, so someone should grab it while they can!

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Man' date=' if I had the coin, and didn't already have a Valensi, I'd be all over this. Looks like new.


I love these guitars. I would snap up any Elite/Elitists I could find these days.





I agree it is a great guitar.


I think he is a bit high on the price. I paid $1200 for mine new and just sold it on Ebay last month due to job situation.


Mine was played though never standing so no belt rash or marks at all on it, and I still had the sticker on the pickgaurd as close to mint as you can get and mine only went for $1100. Mine was the Natural too. I agree the Burst is more rare so..........


As always with Ebay it is a timing thing and someone might pay what he wants but if a member here bids just an FYI to let you know the market value on this right now.



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