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My Red Sheraton


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I finally took some decent shots of my (new) 1989 Sheraton. The previous owner upgraded to Grover tuners and Gibson Class 57 pickups; I cleaned her up a bit and switched out the gold control knobs. Hope you all enjoy the pictures.









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I have a black Crate VC30. The stock speaker was changed to an 8 ohm Celestion V12-60 before I purchased it. I'm pretty new to this, but I personally think it sounds great. It sounds nice with the gain turned down real low but I also have a lot of fun getting some nice, fuzzy distortion too. It can get surpising loud and still sounds great; which is nice for it being relatively small. I can always upgrade later on but, being my first set up, I like what I have.


I totally agree, jcwillow777; chrome looks a lot nicer with the red and black in my opinion. Thank you all for your compliments so far!

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