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Epi LP Custom VS Black Beauty ???

Little Ricky

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With the switch in the middle position, all three pickups are selected. Flip it to the rhythm position, and you get neck and middle. To the treble position, and you get bridge and middle. You can get just the neck, just the middle, or just the bridge pickups by rolling off the appropriate volume knob. I certaily think 3 pickups on a Les Paul looks pretty badass, but I imagine the full size humbucker in the middle would be a pain in the ***. My Firebird has 3 mini humbuckers, so the middle pickup doesn't really get in the way so much.

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Welcome to the forum, Ricky!


Black Beauty, huh? I love 'em for their looks and distictive sound. Other guys ... not so much! Some feel that the third pickup gets in the way of their playing (I always wonder how deep do they dig in with that pick anyway?). The set up is a bit different that you would normally find on a Les Paul too:


"3 Humbuckers, 3-way toggle, 3 Volumes, 1 Tone. Each pickup has itts own volume. Middle pickup can be turned on or off with the middle pickup volume with the selector in any position."


So the middle pup is always on unless you turn it off using the volume comtrol. I siggest that you find a shop with one in stock and give it a thorough test drive. Here's a video of one of our forum members playing his ... it's a pretty versatile guitar:





Have fun making your choice ... and again, welcome!



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Hi Ricky


Ive had my 3 PUP black beauty (Korean made) 5 years now and It's a great guitar. The toggle on mine came wired for bridge, bridge middle and neck. I have talked to a local ship about doing the mod MIDIman56 suggested but I have not pulled the trigger on that as I am really happy with the guitar.


I don't find the middle PUP gets in the way at all, that is really determined by picking technique and the only way to know if it is a problem for you is to try one out. If the PUP gets in the way you can lower it, however this will reduce the output from that PUP and have a big impact on the tone, if this is the case you might be better off getting the two PUP beastie. The only way to know which suits you best is to give them a workout, I was at the store for a couple of hours trying diffent guitars when I picked mine up.


I did have to have the nut on mice replaced with bone shortly after I got it, and I have done the toothpick trick on the front strap mount. Other than that the guitar just keeps rocking on.

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