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SG vs Corvette?


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It seems to be a new trend to do this comparison, I personally think it is funny and childish to pit one brand against another, But heck in the spirit of a gool 'ol Laugh. I thought I would bring this over to this side of the fence. And of course what kind of pot stirer would I be if I didn't quote this comparison.


"Well there are a few variations of the sg. so if your thinking humbuckers. its gonna be more "muddy" than a gretsch and have a sound that is like a lot of other players. if you combine it with a marshall you can sound like every other kid on your block.


sg with p-90's. its a tough gitter to beat sound wise. you can get blusey, rootsey, jazzy, not really metal-ly. but, why would you want to go there? down side is if your a high volume guy they can be very noisey and feed back at the drop of a hat. they are punishing and rewarding at the same time.


the vette is going to have a more complex tone. the filters will get you sparkly, clear cleans. or nice warm shimmering mid tones depending on pick up selector. going from bridge to both to neck will give some pretty diverse tones. And you can get that ac/dc rhythm sound if ya like. its a humbucher type pickup so very little noise. takes pedals well and stands alone with a amp as good as any pickup out there.


besides sg's are so last decade. everyone knows all the cool kids are playin gretsch. its always been that way."

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Good comparison, Twangster!


I agree with just about everything you had to say ... except that in my experience, the Gretsch Corvette does not handle overdrive distortion as well as the SG. If that is the majority of what you'll be playing, than the SG just might be a better way to go.


BIG plus on the Corvette side: It comes with the Bigsby already installed!



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