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HNGD custom shop limited edition sg express


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She came today, my first Epi and to my suprise its not worn black its worn cherry and a custom shop I didnt even know they came in cherry, I think somebody screwed up but i wont complain I would have ordered cherry had it been offered,I'm not sure if all the express sg,s are custom shops or not,I think I got a deal!Sam Ash 149$





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You do know that guitar is not a normal sized Epi, right?

It's a smaller version. Epiphones (and Gibbys) usually have a 24.75"scale length. Your guitar has a scale length of 22".

It also has a bolt-on neck, not a set neck. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I don't think you got the deal you think you did. I do like that bridge on it though. All that matters though is that you are happy.

Congratulations on your first Epi!

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yeah I knew it was a smaller version ' date='I thought it would be a Cool start to my SG Obsession[/quote']


A nice obsession to have!


Looks like a great modding platform, I love SGs! The 61 RI I had was the most beautiful guitar you have ever seen! Why oh why did I sell it? [scared]


Heres some porn for your obsession...









Oh and I dont think Epiphone has a Custom Shop, just a Custom Shop sticker! Enjoy.

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Guys' date=' could you all be a little harsher! It's a HNGD for the guy! Let him shine!


She is very beautiful. I love the look of the grain, it's always nice to see the wood! The color is striking too! Nice all around!! HNGD to you!




Both of us said positive things about the guitar, and both of us congratulated him on his new purchase.

I do believe you were reading harshness in our posts that were not projected by us.

Why you thought there was is beyond me.

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Sorry to burst your bubble' date=' but I don't think you got the deal you think you did. Congratulations on your first Epi![/quote']


Hmmm ... sort of like slapping a guy in the face and then telling him he got a nice, clean shave that morning!


Whatever ... welcome to the forum, Mellemel. Enjoy your new guitar!



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