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Everybody who wants to upgrade their VSR reverb tank

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You can upgrade from a Ruby 2EB2C1B to an Accutronics model 8EB2C1B or an 8EB3C1B.

(the first one has medium decay time, the second has long)

they're short tank, like the ruby, but have 3 springs rather than 2, and sound closer to the 17" 2 spring tank that brianh was experimenting with... Naturally, it won't sound identical to a 17" tank, but it should beat the 2 spring ruby by a good measure...


you can order here: http://www.accutronicsreverb.com/ordering.htm


And if you INSIST upon using a 17" tank, the type 4 is what brianh was using, and the type 9 is the 3 spring 17" tank (it sounds fuller than the type 4 and the type 8... I want to put one in my hammond organ, which is currently using the stock type 4 tank)

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One question regarding the reverb tank. I have checked accutronics and there are lots of different tanks with lots of different ohm ranges. ¿Are those you say the correct ones?

Blackmore' date=' the amp's output transformer requires a specific impedance/resistance. The tank in my VSr is a Ruby 2EB2C1B, with the impedance/resistance specs noted below for the other C1Bs:




So you should use a tank with the same specs (i.e. the 9", 3-spring 8EB2C1B), otherwise you could blow up the OT. There may be some way of modifying another tank to bring it into spec, but that's over my head. In any case, check your tank's label and with a meter before ordering anything, the Chinese are notorious for inconsistent manufacturing practices....



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Thanks very much Brianh' date=' but acording to jaydodge, the 8EB2C1B has different specs than the stock one. Since I already bought one:

8EB2C1B Accutronics Reverb Can

Input: 800 / 58 Output: 2575 / 200


Shall I use it or it is "dangerous"?[/quote']

Don't think so, and if it causes problems, you could always file a complaint with accutronics... after all, they suggested it...


It shouldn't have exactly the same specs though, considering the 3rd spring...

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Hi. I'm Javier from Spain. (excuse my bad english)

I've got an Epiphone Valve Senior since a few days and I'm very glad with it, except for the pressence pot (it does nothing) and... yes, the reverb. It sucks, literally.

The behaviour of the stock reverb is exactly like you describe it, blackmore1514k (ta'nteráo? intento decir que la reverb tal como viene responde exactamente a tu descripición), but it really disturbs the sound from 3:00 on. So I don't think changing the reverb tank really fixes the problem, but tweaking some electronic components values should do... at least I hope so. I have no idea about the how, my electronic skills are very basic.

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TWANG, both things.

I changed the reverb tank to the accutronics unit. This reverb has a short decay and that helps a little bit, and you can turn it to max and the sound does not come from the other side of the moon. But the circuit is also not very good. I asked Andy, from Valve Rat Amps, an specialist of tweaking small and cheap amps, about the reverb thing, he answered me that the Custom Blues has the same thing. Once you turn the knob to max, the volume goes down. He said that was easy to fix , just change a resistor (he did not say which one) and tons of good reverb appears.

I plan to send him the head as soon as he gets one and tweaks it.

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ah. cool.

the new tank on the valve senior seemed to make a difference. at least in the clip I heard the long flubby tail was gone.. but he had the reverb set so soft it was really hard to tell.

No Pipeline there I told him, so maybe he'll do a clip with it cranked up a bit more.


the vjr hot rod just is noisy and that's all. totally no good.

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I've looked inside a Fender Deluxe 112 of my own to find what kind of reverb it contains. Casually it's an accutronics 8EB2C1B, so I've quickly changed them to see what happens. First I've measured the impedances:

Accutronics 8EB2C1B (Fender): IN=59O / OUT=205O

Ruby 2EB2C1B (Epiphone): IN=77O / OUT=220O

After the change, the fender reverb sounds wors than before, but it's still acceptable. The Epi with the accutronics tank: the reverb sounds simply less than before, neither better nor worse: very little volume and very very short, and still the annoying behaviour of the pot at the last quarter remains the same, maybe a little better than before.

Conclusion: it's not an improvement at all. Now I know that the solution is in the electronics.

The tank I've used is quite old (about 12 years or so) but it sounded ok inside the fender.

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I'm convinced a tank might be better but just not much.

It's got to be in the circuit.


Rather than fix it at this point, I'd prefer to tear out the whole amp, and build a better one with digitalverb.

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