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It turns out the the guitar I received "new" from Musician's Friend yesterday was made in 2006. Here is my question: Why would I receive a "new" Epi Les Paul Standard Plus Top that was made in 2006? If it is supposed to be new, then wouldn't it at least have been made in 2008? If someone could please educate me on Epi "made on" dates, I would appreciate it.

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Oh ya, some of the new ones don't have the letters anymore. The letter signified the mfc plant.


What makes you think 2006 if you JUST bought it. Now stock lays around a while the between mfc. and distributor so 1 to even 2 years old is not uncommon, but 3 years would have been the "slow boat FROM China" [blink]



Well this is a long shot but I'm guessing they are still using the same system (just no letters) so the first two digits are the year and the next two the month.


So yours would be June of 2009



Only a guess, I haven't found concrete info on that theory.



I have found this though:


As of 2008


Daewon China Plant and Unsung China are the ones with NO LETTERS.


I have also read that after the 4 mfc. date numbers, the next two digits are the mfc. plant code.



Qingdao China still uses EE followed by the date code (four digits) then a four digit production (sequence)

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Paru is correct, I did find now where Quingdao doesn't do the letters anymore.


rjames.... HNGD !!


If your avitar is it, it looks GREAT ! HCB is my favorite. Oh, may be yours is a Honey ?


I had a 2005 plain top HCB ( Quingdao) for a couple years.

? It's in the pic there.



I got a steal of a deal on a White Gibson Studio (on the couch) so bought that and sold the Epi. VERY good guitars the Epi's !


Happy Pickin'

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Thanks, sjtalon! The new guitar is actually a Plus Top honeyburst. It is beautiful and sounds great! Unfortunately, though, I have a wiring issue with one of the volume knobs, so I'm taking it to my local guitar tech tomorrow to get fixed. Nothing easy!


BTW, my avatar is not my guitar, but looks a lot like it. I'll have to change my avatar soon!

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Your very welcome.


Good deal, I hope the repair goes well.


ya, after I posted I went back and added the part wondering if yours was a Honeyburst.


I got a great deal on a plain top Honeyburst from a MF blem sale. I just bought it to re-sell. I tell you what, for a plain top it looked GREAT! The maple cap really had a nice grain to it.




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