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New Epiphone Wildkat


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I'm not seeing the pics I posted is anyone else? I followed the instructions???


Hi Eric' date='


I don't know what you did but I found the correct URLs by right clicking on those little crosses and checking 'properties'. I've therefore taken the liberty of posting your pics for you. Your Kat looks nice - HNGD!








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Just checked the tracking' date=' it will be here Monday! As I mentioned I learned on a strat and that has been really the only guitar I have expereince with. How difficult is chaging the strings on this bad boy. What am I going to run into?[/quote']

Well, if your strat has a trem, it'll be easier to change strings on the wildkat.

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I'm not seeing the pics I posted is anyone else? I followed the instructions???


I had trouble showing pics initially also. I'll give you some instructions.

You've already got your pics on photobucket' date=' so the rest is pretty simple.


1. Have the photobucket page open in a separate window.

2. In the "Post Reply" section of this website, there are some small icons at the top.

3. Get your cursor where you want to insert the pic; click on the icon that looks like a mountain with the sun over it.

4. Go to the photobucket page, click on the pic, highlite the img code, and copy it.

5. Come back to this site put the cursor in between the [img'] 's that were inserted when you clicked on the icon.

6. Paste your link in between them.

7. You may have to get rid of the at the front and rear, as there will be the same code with your pic.


Hope this is clear enough. Being a bit older than some of you guys it took me a bit longer to do this.

I was not born into computers like the young guys.

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i opted to go with the AlleyKat; Same color. Those pics are nice! love that line cuz it's more of an epi original than a gibson copy. the Kat is a perfect project guitar if you so wish to (I've almost completely modded mines). One thing i want to warn ya if you didn't already find out is the toggle switch. very flimsy IMO. I got a switchcraft 3 way which i recommend you stay away from. It rattles in the middle position and the speaker can pick it up. I put a bigsby in mine like the Wildkat and it greatly improves the tone even if you don't use the vibrato. The Kat plays so great. Anyone else find a need to mod anything else?

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Congrats on the new Wildkat. I bought one about three weeks ago,

LOVE IT!!! Awesome string bending and action....I just replaced my strings for the first time about an hour ago with DR Pure Blues 11-50's. SWEEEEET!

Man she sounds pretty. In regards to changing the strings, you are going to need PATIENCE.. It took me twice as long to change than my Strat or PRS.

The reason is the poles along the bottom of your Bigsby, and as a previous post the round ends want to jump back off as you are winding.You may want to carefully bend the string near the end and fit on the pole. Keep tension on the string as you wind. The top three strings were a slight pain, but everything worked fine. No big deal. Let us know what gauge yours came with from the factory. I will try different sizes. Mine is the Antique Natural finish. I got mine from SWEETWATER. I got to choose mine from their Guitar gallery. Beautiful Veneered finish. You will not regret buying this ax!!

Awesome Blues machine.........[confused]

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Another trick when re-stringing a Bigsby I've found is, use a capo to keep the strings tight after you thread it through the Bigsby while you wind them on the tuner.


Makes it A LOT EASIER!


deflepfan the pups fine, stitches are out alls good with him.


Me on the other hand I broke a tooth and ran up a big bill, so you'll see my Wildkat for sale here soon (as in an hour or two) bawling.gif

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hi folks,


My first post here. Thought I'd say hi and tell you that I'm joining the Wildkat Klub too! My antique natural finish one will be arriving in a couple of days. Think it will fit in nicely with my epi LP Std - or will they fight?



Good tip about the capo when restringing. I was worried about that too. Will give it a try!



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