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Elias Graves

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As requested earlier, here are more of my Epis.

My Wildkat...


My SG. This started life as a Special II. The only thing that remains of the original guitar is the wood. Turns out, many of the Indonesian Specials were made from local wood, which in this case turned out to be mahogany. The pics here show it when it had a Lace Dually in it. It now has a BB2 in the neck and a 57 Classic in the bridge. I did the paint myself.



And after...



This is my son's LP in birdseye from 1994. Sorry, this is the best pic I have right now.



So, that's all the Epis at my house. I want to add a Les Paul Special P90 when they hit next spring and hopefully an EL00 to satisfy my acoustic GAS.



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Nice work on the SG! Are the headstock designs decals

or inlays? Been debating trying a metalflake paint job

myself somewhere down the road when I have the right


Regarding your son's Birdseye - LOVE it! I'm a wood-grain

fan. I suggest you use the rule of "Eminent Domain" and

take his birdseye, then pay him a fraction of it's actual value.

You know, just like big cities do when they want what your land

and you refuse to sell... Just tell him it's best for your long-term

economic goals!!! ME like Birdseye!

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Well he's rather attached to it. The first accessory he got was a hard case!

Thanks on the SG. I've done a lot of finishing but never a guitar. I had the SG and figured it wasn't worth much so no harm if I messed up. It turned out pretty good. I hope to find a junked Gibson somewhere down the line, refinish it and load all the guts out of this one into it.

The Kat is my new toy. Having a lot of fun with it.



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Nice guitars, I think yer Kat is an Alleykat though, with the bridge HB replaced with a P90, very pretty Kat btw.


And I gotta tell you the combination of the P-90 and mini HB intrigues me.


I'd almost consider getting rid of my Kat for one like that since I never use the Bigsby, looks perfect to me.........................


<EDIT> I keep looking at the pic and am getting severe GAS pains now, thanks [crying]

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