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WedgeSG's thread with videos got me thinking - We all have

been exposed to Lady Rockers, post some videos to expand

our horizons! You folks know of some I dont, and vice versa.


My offering - A GERMAN rocker named "DORO PESCH" - I believe

she used to be in a band called "Warlock"? Has performed onstage WITH

Judas Priest... Rob Halford invited her onstage.


I'm teaching a friend's 13 yr old daughter to play, and she's at the stage

where she's getting interested in boys. I told her - "You want to be POPULAR

with the boys? Then learn how to PLAY THE PANTS OFF THEM!!!" Last thing

most would expect... Girl: "May I look at your guitar?" THEN, WAIL, WAIL, WAIL!!!!!!

Ladies on the forum, agree or disagree?







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Her is one that I just heard of (my kids showed her to me) Pretty and Good........ Notice what Carlos says in his Interview about her in the second video.

Check out her opening lead lick.





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ORIANTHI - very impressive. I'd never HEARD of her before,


FrankS - I don'tr know what to tell you, I don't do punk.

It's an accqired taste for the fans. I didn't even do punk when

the "Sex Pistols" or Ramones were big name acts... I'm sure there

are some on the forum who DO, though...

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LOL ... didn't we just do this recently?


I guess it's time again for a little ... Ash Soular!!!







And for good measure ... here's a whole GAGGLE of rockin' females (sounding GOOD too!):





A true feast for the senses!



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Someone tell me how to embed Youtbues in this forum and I'll post some stuff.


If you have the ability to open a second search "tab" while keeping this one open' date='

go to Youtube, find video you want, pause video.


On the EPI Post Message page, click top right box (says [bB/']),

a secondary box will appear below it, click on line that says

Put your youtube URL in here. click on that line.


[YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE] will appear in your message. Go BACK to video,

copy the URL (http://www.youtube/watch.....etc,etc......).


Return to this page, place flashing cursor inbetween the 2 youtube boxes,

click "paste", will end up looking like this:



Now, add the second "box" ( [/YOUTUBE] ) to the END of the URL, then go back

and DELETE it from IN FRONT of the URL (P.I.T.A., but it works. I've tried the cut and paste

with it, never fully works, still have to go back and fix a character or two,

usually removing the extra "]" from in front of the second "box" and inserting it

at the end of the first "box" to correctly complete the link.


At this point the Video link should look something like this:

[YOUTUBE]http://www.blah, blah, blah[/YOUTUBE]

If it DOES, hit "post", your message will appear WITH the little video ready

for viewing, like this:




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