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HELP!!! Re: Avatars and posted photos...

charlie brown

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What's up, with the avatars and posted photos being "thumbnails," Now...like on the Gibson site?!

I never had this problem, on the Epi site, until the last day or so 11-05-09)? Did you "fix" something...that

wasn't broken?! LOL! Just curious. Sometimes "refreshing" the page will help, and other times,

not at all. So...??? I have the exact same problem (as I stated) at the Gibson Forum, too. But...

I don't seem to get any response, there, beyond the "refresh" suggestion, that is.






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Try a Ctrl + F5. This is like a forced reload of EVERYTHING on the site, and should hopefully fix stuff. People were talking about the new buttons and things on the site, and I had no clue what they were on about, because for some strange reason I couldn't see the updates. But a Ctrl + F5 soon remedied that.

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