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Epiphone Triggerman 100DSP impedence Question?

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Hi all; just looking for some technical advice,

I am currently running my Epiphone (Epi) Triggerman 100DSP head through the speaker cab of my Epi BC30 which is a 2x12 cab wired for 8ohms - at least according to my research and wiring knowledge. The two Lady Luck speakers are supposedly 16ohms and wired in parallel. The Triggerman head has two 16ohm speaker outputs, which I think means that the amp can handle a maximum load of 8ohms; which I guess should give me full power from the amp.


The problem is though that it all seems to work fine and it sounds great but I the amp seems a little too quiet. I believe this because I also have the Triggerman 60DSP combo which is only 60 watts coming out of one 12" speaker and that amp sounds a lot louder at the same stages on the master volume knob - the overall maximum volumes of both amps seems to be about the same. So the question is - am I right in assuming that plugging one 8ohm load into one of the Triggerman 100's 16ohm outputs should automatically give me access to the amp's full power, or is this potentially incorrect?

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