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SG 400 with a broken neck.

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Hello All.

I am about to try to repair a sg400 that as been dropped twice and has two cracks going down the neck and one coming up. This is the first time I have tride to repair a guitar neck. So any advice would be welcome.

This guitar belongs to the lead guitarist from my sons band who asks my for advice about playing set ups etc.

He also thinks I know what I am doing.

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Forum members HAVE repaired necks before, with varying

degrees of success depending on method used. What will

help immensely is to SEE pix of the Breaks. Do you know how to

post pix? There is a link on how to post pix by GenZero, but I

can't find it. Anyone able to find it and post link?

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Yea, thats a tough one my friend. Have you ever wanted to replace a set neck before? Wanna try???


You may have success with that, but it's awfully ugly, that wood looks like it tore instead of splitting. Have you aleady applied glue or are those pics of a dry run?

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