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Another guitar build??


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I'm thinking about building another guitar.

The last project was so well received, and turned out so good, it has tempted me to do another.

This time I'm thinking about a neck-through solid body.

Maybe a Les Paul shape. Or even a semi-hollow. I'd like to do some body binding also.

Probably would not start until after Christmas.


Any opinions? Insults? Had enough, bored to death?

And it would be nice to hear from Duane on this. I know that hosting this site

has to be a demanding job, with all the various characters here, and I don't want to make it any tougher.

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will this be another guitarfetish build? I'd say go for a schecter c1-ae. it has the lp styling, it is hollow body, it has body binding. For a challenge you can even do the shadow pup to get the acoustic sound. I have played one in the local guitar ctr. nice, but the humbuckers are alittle weak. The acoustic option is nice.

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i think those gfs builds are a fun idea but then i just bought a cheapy "encore blaster e6" made of the same stuff better hardware for half the price off ebay! (saving me the hassle!)



do you go from the ground up? i didn't catch the last one. i have some trees in my garden i would love a list of essential but small and cheap kit. i now have claimed the shed and have a long wire up the 100 feet to the gardens bottom. I HAVE THE POWER!


my first project is to make some plectrums from the off cuts of wood i have, nice thick 1 or 1.5mm jobs!

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Why not combine both with a Les Paul Semi Hollow ES?

That way you could work with the binding (F-Holes? That would be a challenge)

Are the bodies available with separate caps for the tops?


I would also go with a figured top (quilt, flamed or my favorite birdseye)


Look forward to whatever you do.

Been thinking about doing the same, but I am into archtops.

I have been looking for cheep beaters to purchase, strip and refinish for practice.


Keep us informed.

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Just to update everyone.

The last build I did was a Guitar Fetish (GFS) Telecaster body, and a GFS neck.

Everything was prefinished. Also bought GFS pickups and hardware, except for tuners.

I took pics all the way along to show everyone what I had to do.

I'll show a pic of the finished product below.


What I'm thinking about doing this time would be quite a bit more labor intensive. And pricey.

I'm thinking neck-through, angled headstock. You can purchase these from stew-mac.

Build the body wings out of a maple blank, hollow them out, and put on a curly maple top.

Perhaps in the shape of a Wildkat or near that.

Do some body, and sound hole binding and finish with some good hardware.

Perhaps a bit ambitious but I enjoy the challenge.


It would also take me quite a bit longer, so to keep it on the forum that long would be a challenge.

Thus, I need to have DuaneV's buy in. And because this is not strictly about

Epi guitars, he has every right to decide against.



Here is the Tele.



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I remember following the Tele Project, and the problems

and solutions. Regardless of what brand of guitar it may

be, the techniques and processes to accomplish the final

product will be valuable information, and ultimately CAN

be used on EPIs. I don't care if it's a Cigar Box guitar, if I

can learn from the construction process, I'm all for it!

Hopefully, Duane will agree, as per your caveat....

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