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Is this a fake????

Chris the Gent

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Control knobs look misaligned, and the neck volume control sits higher than the tailpiece. Also, when did Epiphone start using a two screw truss rod cover? And yep, if the price is too good to be true, then it probably is.


I'd say it's illegitimate.

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I'm not picking up "good vibes" from this seller -


ZERO feedback (I've dealt with 2 zero F/B sellers, one was great,

second one shipped guitar in nothing but gig bag, of course arrived

damaged. And seller disappeared off radar. I was able to repair damage.



Member since 29 SEP 09.

Click on "see other items", strangely enough, seller has FOUR "NEW"

Zakk Wylde EPIs AND the guitar you're asking about, along with various

stuff, and NO FEEDBACK? (I realize everyone has to start somewhere, but...).


I would send question asking WHERE the guitar will ship from because you

wish to know how long it will take, and WHICH Carrier. If carrier is EMS or similar

name, it's coming from China, henceforth, FAKE.


The gits LOOK nice, but to have access to so many NEW ones...?????

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Check out the auctions for those guitars he supposedly "sold"!




Evidently he sold two Zack Les Pauls, each for 1 cent!


Velly, velly god and hellful seller, I like him lot!




I just reported him. It will be interesting to see whether eBay actually stops this bogus auction...

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would it be worth buying one for 1p? leave him negative feedback saying that its a fake and warning others' date=' modding the hell out of it, try my hand at refinishing etc etc.........[/quote']


That's the problem. YOU would never get one for a penny. Those are people who left bids for HIM. If someone outbids them, he sells a fake guitar for a profit. If nobody else bids, as was the case in these two previous auctions, he "sells" a guitar for a cent and pays the commission on a cent whilst still getting a positive feedback he can use to deceive the next buyers.


If you can get one for a cent, I say "Go for it", but it will never happen.

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Hi guys. I'm pretty sure this is one of the guitars from the TradeTang.com website. check it out. All gibsons and epiphones are on there as well as fenders, dean, everything. This is probably one of those as they are somehow connected through ebay. and the price is about the same, the average guitar there is 250-340 USD.


There are 2 types of fakes from china. One is a total knockoff, made by a makeshift factory and they are total crap. The other type of fake is the one that is made in the same factory that makes the real chinese Epiphones, they just make more than Gibson/Epiphone orders and sell the overage through dealers on Tradetang.com. This applies to any product made in china. Most fakes are made in the same factory as the real ones, just made afterhours, but many are total garbage.


As someone who does a lot of business with china and has chinese business partners, its my opinion that you should not buy any of these excellent bargains. I lived in and spend a lot of time in Asia and I know knockoffs better than you can imagine. If you can't play it first, buying a guitar from one of these "dealers" is a big mistake. In China, once they get your money, you can forget about customer service or returns. There is no such thing in china. its COD and get lost after you pay.


Good Luck


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Hmmmm.... It appears that Mr. "Wang-yok" is

NO LONGER A REGISTERED USER??? "He" did manage to

rack up $1250 GBP plus small sales during the last few days.


Link to Items Sold:




Sure did sell lots of stuff for .01$ (GBP - a pence?), including a couple of

Zakk Gits (Err, make that "look like Zakk Gits"). Have to agree with

Old Scratch, buy a git for a "penny"? Let's see.... Hey, I have a dollar bill -

I'll take 20 or 30, and could you combine shipping charges, pls?


What's the general consensus - Did Ebay ACTUALLY revoke selling rights,

or did the person BAIL OUT (Initial Ebay contact told them the "jig was up"?

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I'm hoping ebay take fake warnings (no, you know what I mean) seriously. It must be a vulnerable legal position for ebay if a buyer finds out they've been sold a fake after ebay have been warned. That LP was showing as having sold for, I think, £200. I hope the buyer didn't pay, or got a quick refund. Imagine them posting here, "Hi, I'm new on the forum, just scored a Les Paul..."

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I'm hoping ebay take fake warnings (no' date=' you know what I mean) seriously. It must be a vulnerable legal position for ebay if a buyer finds out they've been sold a fake after ebay have been warned. [/quote']


I wish that were the case.




"EBay Inc. scored an important victory in court Monday, as a federal judge said companies such as jeweler Tiffany & Co., not auction platforms such as eBay, are responsible for policing their trademarks online."


See: http://www.startribune.com/business/25451214.html?page=1&c=y


The situation in Europe is much the same:




...including the UK - http://www.out-law.com/page-10039


Epiphone's problem...the buyer's problem...not e-bay's problem.


Hopefully a duped seller could get his or her money back via Pay Pal or their credit card issuer. Notice I said "hopefully."


Proviso: this ain't legal advice. I'm not a lawyer...just a humble librarian...

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Blimey. Great links Lord S.


"Mere supplying with knowledge and intent will not be enough to make the supplier himself an infringer or a joint tortfeasor with someone who is,"


Got to wonder what would. A special category?


Musical Instruments > Guitars > Fakes

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